My name is Mike Anderson and I craft websites

I'm a software and web designer and developer, a usability expert, and a proponent of fast loading web pages. I stay abreast of the the state of the art in web technologies and write code so clean it doesn't need comments.

Contact me: handcraftedweb@gmail.com

Some sites I've crafted

rectangularimage.comMy personal photography website.

spreadingthelovepb.comA site for a flower shop. I did the design and implementation.

djembenotesapp.comA site for the Djembe Notes iOS app. I consulted on the design, did the initial implementation, then handed it off.

rickbishopdesign.comAn artist/illustrator/designer's site. Design consulting and implementation.

vijayanderson.com A site for my brother the drummer. Design and implementation.

rakeshanderson.comA site for my brother the sound engineer. Initial design and implementation, then handed off.