I craft websites

My name is Mike Anderson. I design and build websites and I'm an expert in software usability.

I've many years experience designing and implementing user interfaces and UI frameworks, and have spent the last few years focused on the problems and solutions of building user interfaces in the context of the web browswer.

I build fast, usable websites.

Contact me: handcraftedweb@gmail.com

Sites I've crafted

rectangularimage.comMy personal photography website.

spreadingthelovepb.comA site for a flower shop. I did the design and implementation.

djembenotesapp.comA site for the Djembe Notes iOS app. I consulted on the design, did the initial implementation, then handed it off.

rickbishopdesign.comAn artist/illustrator/designer's site. Design consulting and implementation.

vijayanderson.com A site for my brother the drummer. Design and implementation.

rakeshanderson.comA site for my brother the sound engineer. Initial design and implementation, then handed off.